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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Garden As of October 1, 2013

It's pretty much time to put the garden to bed. Already pulled up and gone to the compost: tomato plants and cucumbers. You can see some of the wooden poles and sticks that were used to help prop up the tomato cages, leaning against the foreground box now. Two of the beds are ready to be turned. Then the winter rye will be planted, to help replenish the soil.

The green tomatoes are boxed. They'll be taken to the basement, eaxh individually wrapped in newspaper, and should ripen normally.

One of the last things growing (aside from all of the sweet potatoes, that will be harvested in a month): a couple of green peppers.

So ... we're on the precipice of what the Almanac says will be a cold and snowy winter. Time for more wood! Here's a slice of my exciting life: the delivery of stovewood, ready to be split, this past Saturday:

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Garden As of September 15, 2013

Scraggly. That's what it is.

We're at the end of the season now. The trees are just starting to turn. We'll have a couple of nights in the upper 30s. The hummingbirds are still coming to the feeder, but soon they'll be migrating south.

The winter squash, attacked by the vine borers, is now pulled up. There are only a few tomato plants in this box.

The tomatoes in this box are weighing down the tomato cages.

Yellow squash and, behind that, sweet potatoes.

Peppers, cucumbers and a few more tomatoes.

And here are a few flower pics to round things out:

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Garden As of Mid-August 2013

A few shots of the garden during one of the oddest summers; weeks of heat, then rain, rain, rain.

In the foreground: the remains of the winter squash, decimated by the squash borer worm. Tomatoes not doing so well.

This box is 100% tomatoes and while we do have a crop, the plants are not as bushy as they have been -- plus they all have the brown leaf disease. We'll get some good Roma tomatoes, but not nearly as many as hoped.

The yellow squash plants have been attacked by the squash borers, but I think they may have been successfully defeated. The plants continue to kick out a few squash a week.

The green peppers are doing well; the cucumbers (in the back) are slowly coming along. There are a few tomatoes in the box as well.

The summer has been tough on the plants, but some are doing OK. Very sorry to report we had to buy some squash and cucumbers from a local farm last night. Wish we were doing better this year, but it wasn't in the cards.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Garden As of August 1, 2013

Every 2 weeks for the past couple of years, I have posted the garden progress. It's August 1st. No one can believe it. "Isn't the summer racing by?" "I can't believe it's August." It's been a wet and very hot summer so far. I hope I'm wrong, but I think wet and hot is the way of the new New England summer.

Here's the garden:

Below is the first raised bed, with winter squash, some tomatoes


Yellow squash and, behind it, sweet potatoes:

Even more tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers:

The spotted leaf disease is back. The tomatoes themselves will be OK, but as the disease professes, destroying the leaves slowly from the bottom up.

And then there's the quash vine borers. They are, says a friend who's an insect expert at UNH, having a great year. Sadly, they bore into squash plants, grow inside and kill the plant. The plants need constant monitoring, and you have to get into the vine with a little knife to dig the little worm borers out. Sadly, I think all 6 of the winter squash plants will be goners.

The lilies are in bloom. Here are some photos from the perennial flower garden:

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Garden As of July 15, 2013

Above: Bees at the allum.

Here's the biweekly report on the garden. The Northeast has had alternately very rainy days and very hot days. Most plants are loving it. Most people are not.

Green, green, green.

Above is the first box. Squash in the foreground, tomatoes in the background. There's spinach and turnips in there too, but the squash leaves are in the way.

And just this morning: some bad news. Do you see it?

That little green tomato branch has had its leaves eaten. Several branches on one plant were denuded. Not good! It's too destructive for a horn worm, so maybe it's a deer.

These tomatoes are OK. So far.

Squash and sweet potatoes.

The two smaller beds with even more tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Well, here's hoping that when I post again about the ol' garden, I'm not just taking pictures of a deer's lunch!

We'll close with some shots of flowers ....

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Garden As of July 1, 2013

Above: Sam looks out the window -- not at the greenery, but at all of the mommy and daddy birds with their baby birds at the (out of view) bird feeder. Mmm. Baby birds are so sweet.

Here's the vegetable garden. It's all green and jungly because there's been rain, rain, rain for several weeks.

Those big leaves by the water can are the butternut squash plants, which are growing at an alarming rate.

A closer angle on those crazy squash plants. These guys are only a few weeks old, but they are HUGE. Behind them, in the tomato cages are (DUH!) tomatoes. To the left, a row of spinach and to the right, 2 rows of turnips.

Mostly Roma tomatoes in this box, with a few heirlooms in there for good measure. Romas are meaty, and make for great sauces. Heirlooms are big and fresh from the vine, they are some of the most tasty tomatoes.

Foreground: squash. Background: sweet potatoes.

And, the last 2 mini-boxes: peppers, even more tomatoes, cucumbers.

The big change this year is going for a lot more tomatoes -- this is all so we can can more. And you know  what? It's not so hard. You can can too! Can it be easy to can? you may ask. Yes ... it can!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

OK, go to another blog now! Come back soon when I am not so punny.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Garden As of Mid-June

Some photos of the perennials and the vegetable garden from this past weekend.

Here are the raised garden beds, all with new vegetables just starting to grow.

Below: some squash and spinach.

Roma and heirloom tomatoes:

Sweet potatoes and squash:

The final 2 boxes, with lettuce, more tomatoes and cucumbers:

And now, more pictures of flowers: