Friday, July 01, 2022

The Garden As of July 1, 2022

The container garden, with a couple of bags of mulch -- and my crazy structure for the runner beans to climb. Can you tell it wasn't store-bought? I knew that you could.


Here's the box with the runner beans and zinnias. Behind it, on the left, is a bee box which is still unattractive to the bees this year. I will have to lower the rent or something.


The small box there in back, has a conglomeration of plants: a tomato, some cucumbers and some Asian peppers. There is a big "mystery plant" (probably a weed) in front of the box.


A box of tomatoes. I have never had tomato plants this big and bushy so early in the season. The one in the front on the left is mysteriously dying and I'm hoping that the oncoming rain will revive it. Watering it with the hose has not.


This raised bed has, from front to back; peppers, watermelon and some squash.


Squash and various weeds that need to be taken out. I think there's an extra watermelon or two in there.

 Flowers ...

The front woods:

There I am!

Monday, June 27, 2022

Have a Good Week


I'm away from the blog for a short time. Be back soon.

Friday, June 24, 2022

OFFICE LAFFS Edited by Charles Preston

Above: The OFFICE LAFFS cover. The woman is saying, "Thanks for the raise, honey!" The gag line, which was at the bottom of the cover, got accidentally unscanned due to slovenliness of the man at the scanner (me).

Since when did Bennett Cerf's name sell a book of cartoons? Well, not recently, that's for sure.

Here's a collection of Wall Street Journal cartoons titled OFFICE LAFFS*, copyright 1957, E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. This is the first Crest printing, February 1957, which I have mercilessly bent the spine of to scan in for you. You see? You crazy kids out there on the internet!!! Nothing is too good for you!

"Save 88 cents for the milkman."

Doug Follette showcases the undermining, dead end marital relationship at the heart of a WSJ reader. Follete drew the most distinctive sucking-on-a-lemon pouted lips in cartoon history.

Mr. Stamaty with a nice to look at clean line style. Look at all the wonderful details in the kitchen. His son, Mark Alan, went on to cartoon as well!
Above: Dad looks too happy about reading the dry contents of the Congressional Record to his child. Today, Dads have no time to read to their children, and so C-Span is merely streamed on the kids' tablet until the kid falls asleep. The cartoon is drawn by Sid Gordin, who created the cartoons along with Vicky, his wife, so (to quote the great Orlando Busino, who was there and knows) "hence the signature 'Sivic.'"

Above: another unhappy marriage cartoon. This one is by Martin Giuffre. I could not, for a moment, figure out exactly where we were supposed to be. It took a few extra seconds.

The one and only Mort Walker, in one of his most reprinted gag cartoons: the quintessential WSJ Salt ... and Pepper cartoon.

"Well, stupid, there's four days work we don't get paid for!"

You see? Not only does management get a poke, but labor as well. John Gallagher wields the ink on this good cartoon. related: John Gallagher is one of the featured cartoonists in 1000 Jokes magazine #79.

"Who's the new man?"

Serrano, who drew the lovely juxtaposition of the wispy smoke rings and the piles of paper, is like so many gag cartoonists; a name on a page, with so little more information on the Web.

Above: Another Serrano cartoon, with some good composition. If he had made the choice to put black on those shoes, or do a grey wash on the suits, then the visual gag would be lost.

"If we can get a subsidy we can give this country what it needs, a good five cent cigar."

Scott Brown draws some cigar smoking board members in a gag that's lost in time. I like how we can see every cigar and every cigar's wisp of smoke clearly.

Above: Brad Anderson of Marmaduke fame, with a breezy styled wordless cartoon that would enrage the unionized waste management people for that guy's building.


Follette, once more, with one of the funnier cartoons in the volume. Look at the Book Ends Salesman, crouched and ready to make a sale in the wake of the Book Sales Salesman. I admire the gag so much.

"Don't be upset if my wife gives you a nasty look, boss.
She doesn't know about those last two raises."

Bob Schroeter; another cartoonist showing us the life of deceit that husbands lead. Again, I'm beholden to Orlando Busino for being able to recognize Mr. Schroeter's signature, which fluctuates from legible to hieroglyphics from cartoon to cartoon.
"I got the worms -- let's go!"

What I noticed here is that Mr. Folette disavowed the showing of the sunrise, a clock, or anything else that would be a "tell" as to the time of day. The expression on the Dad's face is all you need.

Jerry Marcus -- the one and only -- with a joke on the WSJ Cartoon Editor himself.

* from the indicia: "OFFICE LAFFS was originally published by E. P. Dutton and Co., Inc., under the title HEY, CAN'T YOU FORGET BUSINE$$? and this new and expanded Crest edition is reissued at 25 cents through arrangement with that company. "

-- Edited with an extra joke added from an original bloggarino entry dated April 21. 2008.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Video: Jim Keefe Interview

Syndicated cartoonist Jim Keefe discusses his comic strip Sally Forth (written by Francesco Marciuliano), bringing the pandemic into the funnies, and the perils of work for hire.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster's "Cookiegate"

This undated video has PBS MacNeil Report host Jim MacNeil interview Sesame Street's Cookie Monster about the mysterious and allegedly criminal "Cookiegate" affair.