Friday, July 15, 2022

Cartoon Classes

Some photos of the white board from the three cartooning classes I’m teaching this month. Very enthusiastic elementary school kids! I draw on the board and the kids copy me, step by step, as we go along. Above: a cartoon fight. 


A smiling dinosaur, and, below it, a series of questions that the teacher and class presented.


One of a series of "what happens next?" drawings where we all draw the first panel, and then the students have five minutes to come up with what happens next. 



Using different basic shapes can reveal a lot about a character. Here are two triangle shaped heads. 

... And a student's zit-covered rendition.

The cartoon fight is always a popular event to draw. 


Above: a student drawing of the fight. Love her “Did you just bite me?” and "My shoe!" word balloons that she added. 


Keeping the drawings bold and simple is the rule to getting a lot of drawing done fast.



Some notes from my sketchbook and a page from the character grid series. See my Cartoon Class: Can You Draw 160 Cartoons? blog entry for more information. 


Another sketchbook page of mine. 

Very grateful to the Peterborough, NH school district for this month-long teaching residency. This is so much fun and the kids are fearless drawing machines!

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