Friday, July 01, 2022

The Garden As of July 1, 2022

The container garden, with a couple of bags of mulch -- and my crazy structure for the runner beans to climb. Can you tell it wasn't store-bought? I knew that you could.


Here's the box with the runner beans and zinnias. Behind it, on the left, is a bee box which is still unattractive to the bees this year. I will have to lower the rent or something.


The small box there in back, has a conglomeration of plants: a tomato, some cucumbers and some Asian peppers. There is a big "mystery plant" (probably a weed) in front of the box.


A box of tomatoes. I have never had tomato plants this big and bushy so early in the season. The one in the front on the left is mysteriously dying and I'm hoping that the oncoming rain will revive it. Watering it with the hose has not.


This raised bed has, from front to back; peppers, watermelon and some squash.


Squash and various weeds that need to be taken out. I think there's an extra watermelon or two in there.

 Flowers ...

The front woods:

There I am!

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