Friday, July 22, 2022

Back Soon

I’m away from the blog for a couple days due to family business. I didn’t make time to post a new entry today. At least the weather is OK for travel— though still hot. 

I have another week of cartoon classes, and, in mid-August, I teach the History of Comics class at New England College. In addition, I have a large illustration project. It’s good to be busy, but this has been a very busy summer. Maybe too busy what with personal challenges. I’ll post here shortly, with a plan that things will get back to normal. At least blog-wise  

This was typed in a plane on the Logan Airport tarmac. 

1 comment:

Brian Fies said...

I was promised unlimited free content on demand, Mike. Geez.

Nah, you don't owe us nuthin'. Take care of business, we'll be waiting for you.