Thursday, September 30, 2021

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Virgil Parch Part One; VIP in the 1940s

Here's the beginning of a series from my friend Dick Buchanan about Virgil VIP Partch. I am really enjoying the looksee at the development of one of the most popular gag cartoonists ever.

Thanks, Dick, and take it away:


Virgil Parch Part One; VIP in the 1940’s

1943 – 1949

It would come as no surprise that the largest folder in the Cartoon Clip File is labeled VIP,
Virgil Partch was a huge sensation when he began appearing in the pages of Collier’s in 1942. Over the ensuing years his cartoons appeared in every major magazine. His cartoons adorned many ads newspapers and magazines. He was written up n Newsweek and Time as the phenomenon he certainly was. Although he contributed only a few cartoons to The New Yorker, he did sell them gags for Peter Arno, Charles Addams and others.

Over the ensuing years Partch became one of the most prolific and influential cartoonists of his time.

Here is small sample of some this prolific cartoonists during the first decade of his incredible career.

Rather than present the in the Clip File’s usual haphazard manner, these have been painstakingly arranged chronologically, offer a glimpse of Partch’s development over the years.

1. One of his best, from Collier’s January 30, 1943.

2. Collier’s December 4, 1943.

3. Collier’s May 27, 1944

4. Collier’s, June 41944

 5. Liberty June 1, 1944

6. True Magazine August 1946

7. Collier’s October 11, 1947

8. Collier's  September 6, 1947

9. Collier’s November 29, 1947


10. Partch liked to sign what he felt were his best gags as VIPPER. Can’t disagree on this one.  Collier’s August 28, 1948

11.  American Legion Magazine May 1948

12. True Magazine March 1948

13. Collier’s May 14, 1949

14. True Magazine April,1949

15. True Magazine July, 1949

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-- This is a rerun of a blog originally published on October 24, 2017.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Video: Cartooning for Peace: "Press Cartoons, Free to Laugh?"


Via Cartoonists Rights Network International:

"At the invitation of the EUNIC network in Montreal, the European Union National Institutes for Culture, Cartooning for Peace is pleased to propose the second online conference, “Press cartoons, free to laugh?“. Conducted in English, it took place online on the symbolic date of September the 21st, the World Peace Day, fifteen years after the association’s birth.

"With the press cartoonists: Bado (Canada) Dorthe Landschulz (Germany): Marco de Angelis (Italy) Daniel Jokesch (Austria) Moderator : Marie-Eve Lacas, journalist at Radio-Canada and rewarded illustrator."


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Assorted Gag Cartoons 1945 - 1964

Here's another great batch of gag cartoons from the Golden Age, back when most every major national magazine had single panel cartoons. These have most likely been unseen since their initial publication. Fortunately, Dick Buchanan has clipped and saved them for his giant clip file which is somewhere in Greenwich Village. Thanks and take it away, Dick!


(1945 – 1964)

Once more we have dipped into the Cartoon Clip File and have selected a few gag cartoons from the “Golden Age of Gag Cartoons” to share with those who missed them when they first appeared decades ago. Check ‘em out . . .

1. WILLIAM von RIEGEN. Look Magazine September 11, 1962.


2. GAHAN WILSON. Look Magazine September 10, 1963.


3. DAVID LANGDON. Punch December 20, 1950.


4. ROY WILLIAMS. The Saturday Evening Post. June 5, 1948.


5. CEDRIC ROGERS. Collier’s March 26, 1949.


6. MARTHA BLANCHARD. Collier’s June 14, 1952.


7. HARRY LYONS. Argosy March, 1957.


8. JACK TYRELL. American Legion Magazine October, 1958.


9. SMILBY. (Francis Wilford-Smith) Look Magazine November 3, 1964.


10. GARDNER REA. Collier’s January 17, 1945.


11. STAN & JAN BERENSTAIN. This Week Magazine May 15, 1949.


12. GEORGE WOLFE. The Saturday Evening Post June 5, 1948.


13. CLYDE LAMB. This Week Magazine January 22, 1956.


14. LEO GAREL. Collier’s April 29, 1955.


15. VIRGIL PARTCH. Collier’s April 22, 1950.


16. GUSTAV LUNDBERG. American Legion Magazine August, 1947


17. STAN GOMBERG. American Magazine April, 1952.


18. GEORGE SPROD. Punch January 9, 1952.


19. DICK CAVALLI. Collier’s November 7, 1952.


20. WILLIAM STEIG. Collier’s June 25, 1954.


Monday, September 27, 2021

Our Prince Edward Island Vacation

From ten years ago today, here's a rerun of a post about a camping trip we took to Canada back when we could get into and out of foreign countries. It seems like a long time ago ....


My wife and I spent a few days in Prince Edward Island. I told you about the international editorial cartoon exhibition, Freedom in Broad Strokes. Now, below, are some scenes from our trip.

These are color sketches, blown up from my sketchbook. I was doodling and scribbling with no pencil foundation so, you know, it's doodly and messy and all that

  • Pen: Micron Pigma 5mm
  • Color: a kids' watercolor set from a dimestore

First up: Canadian Maritime Swimwear. It's a bit chilly, but the locals are used to it!

Below: Camping in PEI! Active fun for some, passive smoking for others!

Night time was dark and you could only hear voices and see everyone's campfire. One young girl was thrashing on an old guitar, singing what sounded like folk songs, but, when listening closely, they all turned out to be old Alanis Morissette hits. The middle aged fellow in a Winnebago was visibly smitten, He really did stand at the edge of his site and go "Wooo!"

Some good things and bad things about the trip:

EDIT: "NO BARS" should be on the right and "IRISH BARS" should be on the left. Thanks to Caryn Alma for pointing out my transpositional boo-boo.

"No bars" was probably for the best. My wife played great Irish music with the session players at The Old Triangle. She was in top form!

And here are the actual uncut pages:

Yes, that's the bookmark hanging there on the page. I am a lazy scanner, huh?

Oh, the toe's all better now!


Happy Birthday, Thomas Nast

 Happy Birthday to one of the most influential cartoonists of all time: Thomas Nast, born this day in 1840.