Friday, May 14, 2021

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Certified Vintage Cartoons 1946 - 1969

Dick Buchanan has dived into his one-of-a-kind Greenwich Village Cartoon Clip File and has come up with these select certified vintage gag cartoons. Thanks for officially certifying these classic magazine cartoons. These are some absolute gems. Take it away, Dick!


(1946 – 1969)

After careful consideration, and over the objections of some, these gag cartoons have been officially designated “CERTIFIED VINTAGE.” Now, at last, feel free to enjoy these gag cartoons from long ago, resurrected from the yellowed pages of 20th century magazines and preserved in the manila folders which comprise the Cartoon Clip File . . .

1. ELDON DEDINI. The Saturday Evening Post May 21, 1949.

2. FRANK ADAMS. Collier’s July 20, 1946.

3. RAY HELLE. The Saturday Evening Post May 7, 1949.

4. ROY WILLIAMS. 1000 Jokes Magazine December, 1956 – February 1957.

5. PETER VATSURES. The Saturday Evening Post October 10, 1953.

6. NED HILTON. Collier’s August 7, 1953.

7. BOB SCHROETER. Collier’s February 2, 1952.

8. GEORGE BOOTH. True Magazine December, 1969.

9. DICK ERICSON. Argosy March, 1957.

10. JEFF KEATE. Collier’s June 10, 1950.

11. GARDNER REA. Collier’s March 1, 1952.

12. ALEX GRAHAM. Punch Summer Number July 6, 1953.

13. JAN van WESSUM. For Laughing Out Loud January – March, 1965.

14. WILLIAM STEIG. Collier’s March 1, 1952.

15. SAM GROSS. Argosy July, 1965.

16. BEN THOMPSON. American Legion Magazine February, 1969.

17. JOHN RUGE. True Magazine February, 1964.

18. VIRGIL PARTCH. Collier’s July 4, 1953.

19. GAHAN WILSON. Look Magazine September 8, 1964.

20. JEFFREY MONAHAN. Collier’s June 10, 1950.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Video: Marisa Acocella on her New Graphic Novel THE BIG SHE-BANG



New Yorker cartoonist and author Marisa Acocella talks about her new graphic novel The Big She-Bang in this interview with CUNY-TV's Tony Guida.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Video: Alexander Courage On Writing the "Star Trek" Theme

From the Archive of American Television, here is Alexander Courage, the composer of the original theme to Star Trek, talking about its creation and where the "whoosh" sound of the Enterprise came from. If you don't know, this is a great story. The interview was conducted by Jon Burlingame on February 8, 2000. It runs about 4 minutes.

Monday, May 10, 2021

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Some Favorite Magazine Gag Cartoons 1940-60s

Dick Buchanan was kind enough to pass along some favorite old magazine gag cartoons. I agree with Dick that these cartoons, most of them unseen for over fifty years, deserve an encore. Here's Dick:

"As an aspiring cartoonist long ago, I kept a file of cartoons clipped from every magazine I could find. I still have I still use it for reference and amusement. I am happy to share it's contents. I have forwarded a few samples. There are more."

Gahan Wilson, one of his early cartoons from Collier's, June 24, 1955:

George Booth, The Saturday Evening Post, October 17, 1953:

John Gallagher:

Hank Ketcham in an early 1950's Saturday Evening Post:

Clyde Lamb, American Legion Magazine, October 1952:

Mel Lazarus (not "Mell" yet), in the Saturday Evening Post, January 20, 1951 -- still 6 years away from Miss Peach:

Virgil Partch, Collier's, 1940s:

Rowland Wilson, in that same Saturday Evening Post issue (October 17, 1953) as George Booth (see above):

Henry Syverson. In 1963, even the furniture was funny. From Look Magazine, December 3, 1963:

Jack Tippitt, Look Magazine, July 22, 1958. Two-time NCS Gag Cartoonist of the Year (1963 & 1966):

Thanks, Dick, for sharing these great gag cartoons!


 - Originally published June 14, 2016. 

Friday, May 07, 2021

A Dance to Friday


Good weekend to all!

Thursday, May 06, 2021

From My Sketchbook: Overheard at the Flea Market

 From the sketchbook: overheard at the Arundel, Maine flea market.