Thursday, February 25, 2010

Serena Bramble's THE ENDLESS NIGHT

Via the Potrzebie blog:

Serena Bramble edited together a short homage to film noir on her Mac. Her

" ... short film tribute to film noir created a sensation at the Castro Theatre's 8th annual Noir City Film Festival last month. This is on several blogs, as Bramble's brilliance brings a luminosity to flickering frames in the dark balconies of memory. A 20-year-old psychology student at Santa Rosa Junior College, she created The Endless Night with iMovie on her MacBook, commenting, 'After many long hours, this is my tribute to my favorite genre, to the dark shadows and the profound despair of the soul.' The music is "Angel" by Massive Attack. (Control click heading at top for David Raksin's 'Laura.')"

I see clips like this, from these old film noir movies I've seen and some I haven't -- and I want to watch all of them.

I look at the movies that are playing now, or that are the most popular with the Netflix subscribers -- and I just am not interested. I mean, how many times can Ben Stiller go to a museum? Ugh. Give me Stanwyck and Bogie and Davis.

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Unknown said...

I spend a large portion of my free time at the Castro Theatre every year when Noir City comes around—along with a good many other folks! Some of the films that are screened you can't really see any other way, so that's a bonus, but even for the ones that are available on DVD, etc, there is something to be said for seeing them in a grand old theatre with an enthusiast crowd of likeminded individuals.
"The Endless Night" got an strong response every time it was shone. It was very sweet to see, towards the end of the festival one night, the slightly gangly, bashful Serena pick her way to the stage after Eddie Muller called her up from the audience to present her with the final cut film editing software as a sort of spontaneous prize for younger folk furthering the cause of film noir. I know I could hardly imagine a more effective "commercial" for the genre.