Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pat Mallet

Pat Mallet (1941-2012) was a prolific cartoonist, creating long-form comic stories for the European comics Magazines Spirou ("Pegg le Robot" and "Xing and Xot") and Pilote ("Zourri"). He was perhaps best known for his "little green men" comics, for which he won the Grand Prix Internationale de la Caricature in Montreal twice (in 1972 and 78). 

He was very active in advertising, with clients like Xerox and Paris Match. He was deaf since the age of nine, and produced much art for the school of the deaf in Paris.

Here are a few cartoons from WIE DAS LEBEN SO SPIELT. The cartoons are copyright 1983 by Mr. Mallet.

You can see he has a breezy, energetic style. His line is so alive, it almost has coffee nerves. Like a lot of cartoonists in multi-lingual Europe, he favors the wordless cartoon that appeals to all.

I kicked all these up to super-size, so a few appear cropped. Sorry about that. I thought this was a good idea so you could really see his ink line. If you want no cropping, just open these in a new window.


Mark Anderson said...

Love that trombone cartoon!

vwstieber said...

I loved Pat Mallet as an adolescent because his work was pretty racy, sometimes perverse and always funny. His Little Green Men make me laugh to this day.