Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Garden As of Mid-September 2014

The zinnias are happy, but a lot of the garden is in its last days by now.

In this [hoto (above) of the raised garden beds, you can see how pale and white the green colors are. The trees are fading too, going first from green to red … with yellow, orange and brown to follow. Heck, there was a frost warning last night! I hope this doesn't mean that the kids are going to have to wear their coats under their Halloween costumes. Oh man, I hated doing that when I was little.

Above: the peppers, squash and cucumbers are done. Those big plants in the middle are sunflowers, trying to nutty and bloom before it gets too cold. The red thing over on the left is a bowl that I used for compost. It does kind of look like an exotic squash, but it's red plastic.

Happy box full of zinnias.

The brown leaf disease, a common problem, ravaged the tomato plants this year, but not the tomatoes themselves. Most of the crop survived. I think I have made a couple dozen quarts of sauce so far, and there are more tomatoes to be picked.

The daisies, pinky winky and zinnias are happy:

The hummingbirds are still here, but I suspect they will be leaving any day now.

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Penny Lynch said...

Beautiful flowers!
I am hoping we have a while left here. I have 2 peppers on my red pepper plant that haven't even started to turn. My cherry tomatoes did pretty well. Had a little mystery, but figured it out when I saw Red tossing a green tomato around. And to think I was blaming the squirrel.