Thursday, February 11, 2016

#tbt: 1967 Moorhead, MN: Mike Lynch in Kindergarten

Photos by Dennis Lynch (Dear Old Dad!). That's me in the cowboy shirt.

Hey, it's Throwback Thursday! This is the traditional day on social media when people will post old photos. I don't know how Throwback Thursday began (or, if you're all into hashtaggery, then it's #tbt to you), but let's celebrate it here with some #tbt from 1960s Moorhead, MN. Here are some photos of me in kindergarten way, way back in the olden times.

My dad took all of these photos in February 1967 or 68.

I'm sorry to say that, except for the teacher, I do not remember any of the kids here by name. 

Aren't these photos great? My Dad! Such a talent! And, as Bunny Hoest of THE LOCKHORNS fame says, "He's such a cutie!"

A couple of shots of me and Mrs. McDonald.

And here are some more unnamed classmates. Wonderful shots by Dennis Lynch, huh?

My thanks to Dad for sharing these with me! He wouldn't let me walk out the door with the actual prints, so I took photos of these old photos with my phone.

If any of you were in Mrs. McDonald's class, let me know!

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