Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Podcast Interview: Arnie Levin on The Virtual Memories Show

Above: Gil Roth, host of The Virtual Memories Show, and New Yorker cartoonist Arnie Levin.

New Yorker cartoonist Arnie Levin is interviewed on the podcast The Virtual Memories Show by host Gil Roth. Go listen.

"Cartooning, illustration and animation legend Arnie Levin joins the show to recount his epic career and life. We talk about Beatnik-era New York, his mother’s decades-long plot to turn him into a New Yorker cartoonist, the value of a good art director, telling the Marines he wanted to be a photographer, his two-minute education in directing animation, what it was like to see his style copied by an artist who was previously copying another artist’s style, the time Allen Ginsberg tried to give him an iguana, and more!"

This is but one of Mr. Roth's podcast interviews with illustrators and cartoonists. Go to the link above and you will see interviews with Seth, Patrick McDonnell, R.O. Blechman, Roz Chast and many others.

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