Thursday, November 02, 2017

Big Storm Aftermath

A storm blew in on Sunday night/Monday morning, disrupting life as we know it here. There are about four ways to drive to and from where I live, and, after the storm, three of the ways were impassable.

The fallen trees and dangling power lines are cleared. Power came back on after a couple of days. Internet is still out, with Metrocast, the local cable provider, providing no ETA for recovery. I can do a hotspot with my phone (that's how I'm able to do post this now), but it's not the speediest and I am eating up data.

Sorry about no blog for a while this week. The storm, with rain and high winds, was way worse than anyone thought, but we are all right and waiting for normal to resume. 

EDIT: Without warning or fanfare, the Internet returned on Thursday afternoon after nearly a 4 day outage. 

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