Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bill Peet's Magazine Cartoons

Bill Peet was a long-time Disney artist, not only working on all of the major animated releases from Snow White to 101 Dalmatians, but also contributing immensely to the choices of these projects, as well as to the writing. I had no idea that he tried his hand at gag cartooning as well. Here are a few from his wonderful Caldecott Award-winning autobiography BILL PEET AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

He sent them to the top markets of the day: Collier's, True, the Post and The New Yorker. They were all rejected. From The New Yorker he received this note:

"Your humor is too undisciplined, but we would like to see more of your drawings."

Bill writes in his book:

"That small glimmer of hope wasn't nearly enough to spur me on. Doing cartoons week after week, even if I sold them all, would be frustrating work."

Bill would go on to focus on children's books, creating thirty-six books. A lot of them were based on stories he would make up to tell his own kids.

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Rob Stolzer said...

Wonderful! I love Peet's work. Thanks Mike!