Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beware the Cartoonist

Bill "Weg" Green and his burglar. Photo by Craig Abraham.

Here is a story from 2006 -- one I never heard of.

The moral is: never, ever commit a crime against a cartoonist. The criminal will lose.

When a criminal broke into caricaturist Bill "Weg" Green's property, shoving him, cursing, and trying to get away on Weg's grandson's bike -- Bill needed only a moment to draw the perpetrator.
"'We were mainly concerned with catching the offender who was still in the area,' said Senior Constable Aaron Roche of Ringwood police.

"'I thought (the drawing) might be a stick figure or something like that.'

"Seconds later, Mr Green — who still works daily drawing private, AFL and other corporate caricatures, as well as running a gallery — provided a detailed drawing of the burglar's face.

"'It was amazing, the likeness was just fantastic,' Senior Constable Roche said."

The Age has the full story.

Weg Green illustrated the Australian Football League posters from 1954 until he passed away last year.

Hat tip to Small & Big!

I'm just sorry I'm 3 years late on this.

Above image from the Saxton site.


Matt said...

Interesting story. I think we're long overdue for a movie about a cartoonist who solves crime, maybe like a Die Hard starring Chris Ware or something. Think about it.

Nelson said...
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Nelson said...

For a long time, i've believed that caricatures could be far more effective at identifying people than those usually awful "sketch artist" or "identikit" pictures.