Tuesday, November 17, 2009

STAR TREK Paintings by Luke Butler

Just the thing for November 17th (the date -- as if I have tell you -- that that new STAR TREK JJ Abrams movie is available to be consumed at home via DVD, BluRay or download): here are a selection of STAR TREK paintings by artist Luke Butler:

"For Butler the greatest form of strength is openness. For his model of vulnerability, Luke Butler looks to a most stout and reliable figure.

"He didn’t have to make one up- if you have watched enough TV, you know this to be true."
If you're in San Francisco, the series of paintings, titled "enterprise," are in the Silverman Gallery.

Thanks to John Martz at Drawn!

Related: And you all know that Roddenberry's pitch to NCS execs was that his show would be like a western; a "Wagon Train to the stars." Well, here is a touch of serendipity: also released today: the Wagon Train TV series's first season is out on DVD.

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Barry Corbett said...

Nice work...but a curious selection of scenes... almost as if he only had a few movie stills to work from. "Sleep, Jimmy-Boy. Sleep!"