Monday, November 21, 2011

Video: "Kore de Ii no da!! Eiga Akatsuka Fujio"

Above poster from Asianwikimedia.
Japanese manga artist and gag cartoonist Fujio Akatsuka is the subject of the new movie "Kore de Ii no da!! Eiga Akatsuka Fujio." Here's the trailer:

Despite not knowing a lick of Japanese, this movie (titled "That's the Way" in English) looks like fun and I would watch it if I had the chance. It's based on a book by Akatsuka's editor Toshiki Takei. Here's a plot description:

"Kore de Ii no da!! Eiga Akatsuka Fujio" covers the life of manga artist Fujio Akatsuka (Tadanobu Asano) told through the eyes of his editor Hatsumi Takeda (Maki Horikita).

New editor Hatsumi Takeda is ordered to take charge of popular gag cartoonist Fuji Akatsuka for her first job with a large publishing company. Fuji Akatsuka is playful and loves gags. Quiet Hatsumi becomes charmed by his ways & their working relationship starts to click ...

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