Friday, May 17, 2013

Unseen: Oliver Twist Sketches

No one is going to see these, really. I mean, except for you guys who are poking around this blog.

These are some research sketches for the "Please Sir, I want some more" scene in Oliver Twist. I am doing these doodles to prep for a cartoon. The cartoon, which I'll draw later today, will be drawn in a much simpler style.

For me, to have sketched these Victorian characters first gets me comfortable for the cartoon finish later.  By drawing all of the detail in these sketches (which the client will not see), I learn what to leave out in the finish.

I think this illustrates why there are not zillions of people who draw for a living. There's a lot of work behind the scenes. 

Ink on 110 lb. acid free recycled paper.

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