Monday, September 08, 2014

Dan Piraro on Reality TV Show UTOPIA

In his My Life Just Got Very WEIRD blog entry, BIZARRO cartoonist Dan Piraro talks about his friend Jon Kroll, who wanted something from him: his (Dan's) voice.

Mr. Kroll is a TV producer who was looking for an announcer for a new TV show. He's a friend of Dan's and always liked his voice. Dan was one of at least 100 people sending in audition tapes:

"After submitting my home-made tape (on my laptop with an inexpensive microphone I use for recording my songs) they called me in for an interview and another round of auditions. This process went on for weeks and I submitted who-knows-how-many tapes. I made the cut to the final three and they brought each of us to a professional sound studio for one last audition. Somehow, and this is only the beginning of the weird part, I got the job!"

And then it got, as Dan notes, weirder.

Mr. Kroll wanted the announcer onscreen, hosting this new reality series. The show is about people from all walks of life, getting together to form a new civilization. It's titled UTOPIA. Here's the first five minutes, with Dan Piraro explaining the concept:

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