Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Judge Magazine April 1938

Above cover by Otto Soglow.

THE JUDGE, April 1938, Volume No. 114, Whole No. 2713. Copyright 1938 by The Judge Magazine, Inc.

A few of the cartoons, illustrations and features.

R.A. Hershberger:
 Chester Garde:
 A. John Kaunus:

 Louis Jamme:

Ben Roth:

Frank Beaven:

Gustav Lundberg:

Richard Yardley:

Ted Key:

 An early draft for HORTON HEARS A WHO? Dr. Seuss:


James Trembath:

 Jack Morley:
 Perry Barlow:
 Colin Allen:
 A rare ad for even rarer Dr. Seuss creatures: