Friday, January 06, 2017

Edwin Lepper Original Gag Cartoons 1950s - 1970s

I got an email about gag cartoonist Ed Lepper from Aaron Druck. Aaron had recently acquired a number of Ed Lepper's original cartoons. He took some photos of them, and gave me permission to share. Thanks, Aaron!

I know a little about Ed Lepper. He was a prolific gag cartoonist whose work was in all the major markets. Just look at the notations on the originals from the editors: these cartoons appeared in National Enquirer, The Saturday Evening Post, The Wall Street Journal and other publications from the 1950s to the 70s.

If anyone has more information on Ed, please leave a comment here or contact me directly.


Aaron Druck's page of Ed Lepper originals

Some more of his published gag cartoons:

All of the Cartoons From August 1962 McCALL'S Magazine

LIFETIME LIVING Magazine November 1953

The Saturday Evening Post, February 28, 1959 UPDATED


Unknown said...

Looks to be Edwin Paul Lepper,
born August 7, 1913 died July 12, 2010
There's a cartoonish self-portrait in
a 1960 Binghamton Press paper (via Fulton History):

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

I have 8 cocktail glasses with Ed lepper golf cartoons embossed on them. They were my grandfathers. I wondered if they were unique so I started doing some research. Couldn't find much..