Wednesday, November 08, 2017


SISTERS + BROTHERS by Ted Schaap or "Scapa," as he is better known, exemplifies that a good cartoonist can come up with a lot of gags given a narrow range. Published by "A.W. Bruna and Zoon" in Utrecht with no date, the hardcover book is full of wordless cartoons about monks and nuns. There is an introduction by Herman Wehberg. Schaap, who goes by the professional name of "Ted Scapa," was born January 17, 1931. His work appeared in many publications including Punch Magazine. He went on to a prolific career in print and television, basing himself in Switzerland.

From the Ton Smits site:
Scapa has a unique style with friendly humor. His work looks deceptively simple. He likes to use bright colors. His friend, the comedian Toon Hermans, once wrote of his cartoons: "They do not hurt, they are not corrosive or reproach, not sarcastic. That's because Ted Sheep not cynical observer, not a preacher admonishing and no complicated detective in the deep stirrings of the human psyche, but a healthy gentle Flierefluiter with a big heart and a small pencil, amused that people write down as they are. "
He received the Ton Smits Medal in 1984.

Mr. Scapa is alive and well and living in Bern, were he has a gallery and continues to draw.

Here are a few samples from ZUSTERS + BROEDERS:

Big hat tip to Don Orehek for this book! Thanks, Don!

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