Friday, November 02, 2018

Stop Release of Convicted Murderer & 2x Convicted Violent Sex Offender

From the family of my friend Stan Goldberg. Please consider signing the petition. 

On June 8th 1984 on Long Island, NY, 19 yr old Heidi Goldberg was raped and murdered on the campus of SUNY Old Westbury by 23 yr old Warren Bass, a computer programmer who worked briefly for the college.

Warren Bass was on probation when he abducted, raped, murdered and hid Heidi's body. Bass had a prior conviction of sodomy. He had been sentenced to 2 to 6 yrs in Sing Sing on September 19, 1979. He was released in May 1982, where he proved what we all know to be true, there was no "rehabilitating" this monster. Prison had taken a rapist and turned him into a murdering rapist. It started as a rape and turned into a murder,'' Inspector Galanti of Nassau County PD. said.
Bass, 23, of Syosset, was arrested nine hours after surrendering to the police for questioning on the slaying, according to Inspector Vincent Galanti, a police spokesman.
The victim, Heidi Goldberg, 19, of Jericho, was strangled that Friday evening with a length of plastic tubing of the type frequently used in outdoor furniture, according to a spokesman for Dr. Leslie Lukash, the county's Medical Examiner. Heidi was found on Sunday, June 10th, by Horseback Riders, her partly clad body lying face up under a fallen tree in an infrequently traveled area about 100 feet from an entrance road to the Westbury campus, Inspector Galanti said. He said she had been killed in the area after a struggle.

Miss Goldberg, a part-time student at Nassau Community College, was the daughter of Stanley Goldberg an artist who contributed to Archie, the popular comic strip.
and Pauline Goldberg. Heidi was also the sister of Stephen and Bennett Goldberg.
At sentencing, Warren Bass received two 25 to life sentences and his minimum time was supposed to be 37 1/2 yrs and his maximum time was supposed to be his natural life. Astonishingly, the judge at the time neglected to use proper language at sentencing so the monster was able to apply the time already served from his previous crime and have that applied toward this current sentence. In essence being “rewarded” for having committed a previous sexual assault crime.

He is NOT EVEN serving the state mandated 37 yrs & 6 mos. a NYS judge sentenced him to for his second violent sexual murdering despicable act.
If the governor is so convinced this man is once again safe to walk our streets amongst our teen girls, wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, loved ones, etc, let Governor Cuomo have him move in next door to HIS daughters & girlfriend.
The Goldberg family is asking that you please all sign, share and if you had a personal connection to Heidi, her brothers, her parents or family in any way please when you share it add that in, so that your friends & family understand why this is important to you.
Heidi's life mattered, the Goldberg's entire lives were forever changed by this monster who should NEVER have been out to graduate from violent sexual rapist to murdering, violent sexual rapist!!!
Heidi deserves MORE & so do her loved ones!!!!

Please sign the petition. 

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