Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Hello Dollinks! Here are a few hi res scans from the tiny KATZENJAMMER KIDS paperback collection of Sunday strips by Joe Musial. It's copyright 1970 by King Features.

THE KATZENJAMMER KIDS were created by Rudolph Dirks who, at William Randolph Hearst's request, nicked them from the German cartoon MAX AND MORITZ. 

"The strip relates in the frenzied style the war-to-the-death carried on by Hans and Fritz against any form of authority, whether parental, educational, or governmental."

I had this paperback when I was a kid and studied it. It was lost and so, last week, I bought a copy off of eBay. Such wonderful manic writing and terrific cartooning by Musial. Reading it now for the first time since I was nine years old, I was surprised at how many of the gags I remembered. 

Obviously, these are great fun (if not politically correct) to read out loud. 

That last panel, where Hans and Fritz kiss with a "smak!!" is funny and chilling and perverse at the same time.


Billy Hogan said...

I may have had this book as well. It was my introduction to the comic strip.

Shawn said...

I bought this book in 1972 and this book was funny! It brought howls of laughter from me and my friends. I remember one story , mama gave the Captain $ 10.00 to buy a steak for a cookout. The Captain spent the money on a buy of cigars to the disgust of the Inspector and Hans and Fritz. Der Captain convinced Mama Mulligan stew was enjoyed by the knights of the road. The boys cut up rubber and put in the pot. The Captain was still chewing the rubber hours later as the boys and the Inspector was eating sandwiches.Mama was in the background scowling and waving a rolling pin and Der Captain had a big lump on his head. Please scan the cartoon and upload it. Another good one when the boys convinced young Lena to dress up as a hot lady to seduce Der Captain. The Captain assured her she would soon see a handsome man. The ending had the captain running out saying "Yoohoo , nice lady! Where is you?" The Captain shaved off his beard and put on a curly blond wig. He looked like a combination of Harpo Marx and Snuffy Smith. Mrs. Twiddle looked shocked and yelled "Eeeeekk!" The boys were in the background and kissed Lena. Boy we laughed until our sides ached! Please upload the cartoon. Igotta find a copy of the book!

Mike Lynch said...

Hey there, Shawn. I reposted this entry on January 19, 2021, and added those two strips that you recalled. Enjoy! http://mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-katzenjammer-kids-by-joe-musial.html