Wednesday, October 02, 2019

TEENSVILLE U.S.A. Edited by Lawrence Lariar Part 3

Above cartoon by Bill Harrison.

What is she doing at home? It's Friday! It's date night! Time to go to the "Fish Under the Sea" dance or whatever, right? Ha ha.

OK, daddy-o, here's another sampling of gag cartoons from the book TEENSVILLE U.S.A. It was edited and is copyright 1959 by Lawrence Lariar, and published by Dodd, Mead.

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Betty Swords:

William Von Riegen:

Charles Pearson:

Rowland Wilson:

Brad Anderson:

Bill Wenzel:

William O'Brien:

Brad Anderson:

W.F. Brown:

Jeff Monahan:

Frank Beaven:

Jack Tippit:

Harry Mace:

Bob Schroeter:

Jack Markow:

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