Thursday, April 23, 2020

Sketchbook: CovidComics Mid-April 2020

"Oh! I got this great idea! Have a guy like doing Zoom on a computer but instead of like ordinary people on the screen -- we see the Brady Bunch, y'know? Like in the beginning, in the little squares, y'know? So funny! That would be a great cartoon. You can use that if you want, OK?"

Sometimes people have ideas for cartoons and they tell me ....

Here are some true story sketchbook sketches from the past week. 

New grocery store rules! Fierce checkout professionals maintain the six foot social distance at the
register. Yeah. She yelled at a dude that looked like Jesus Christ when he put his Bud Light on the conveyor belt. Can’t do that. You have to stand back and wait to be waved in now.

The only person who spoke to me was this woman. I was just walking be the dairy section and she turned to me and had to vent. I don’t think it was price gouging. 

Another grocery store event. I kept running into this one couple. They were always nearby, some of the few to NOT wear facemasks. The woman told the man several times loudly and clearly that whatever he was putting in the cart was NOT an item they bought at Market Basket. Poor Roger. I try to buy all I can there since MB pays its workers a living wage.

Only going out maybe twice a week now. The post office is one of the places. They have a clear plastic sheet taped up from the ceiling to the counter. There's a gap on one end where you can pass along your packages and/or money. 

The sign says: 

The CDC Recommends We All Keep


We kindly ask that you work
with us on this, by staying
back near the lobby counter
until it is time for you to
complete your transactions.

Many Thanks,


Trying to install Zoom and forgetting what the heck my "administrator password" is for my Mac. I finally figured it out, but "wove a tapestry of obscenity that to this day is still hanging over Lake Winnipesaukee."  

A way too clean quick sketch of my studio, taken over (of course) by a cat.

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Kurt said...

When people suggest cartoon ideas to me, I say something I picked up from another cartoonist: [spoken excitedly] "YOU should draw that!"