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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Gag Cartoon Clichés Part 6 1945 - 1956

Here we go with another in a series exploring classic gag cartoons and classic gag cartoon clichés. This would not be possible were it not for Dick Buchanan's vast file of great old gag cartoons lodged in his Greenwich Village abode. I really love this series, and am intrigued by all of the variations on these old, familiar tropes. Please join me in thanking Dick and enjoy these golden age cartoon clichés.

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 Part Six: 1945 – 1956

The words cliché and stereotype both come from the French and originally were synonymous terms.  Their meanings today are distinctly different.  A cliché is something hackneyed, such as an overly familiar or commonplace phrase, theme or expression while stereotype today refers to an often unfair and untrue belief many people may have about people or things with a particular characteristic.

In the wide world of gag cartooning some clichés still remain, but gags rooted in stereotypical images have gradually disappeared over time, to be replaced by a more introspective and personal approach to humor.

Today we eschew the present and take a look at some gag cartooning cliché’s from the mid-century era. Some of these clichés are relics of the bygone past, while others are still a part of the gag cartoon world.  A new twist on an old gag is always welcome. However, some subjects such as “Reading the Will” seem to have inspired little, if any, imagination.

This is the sixth installment of GAG CARTOONS CLICHÉS chosen from the vast Dick Buchanan Cartoon Clip File . . .


1. RALPH NEWMAN. American Legion Magazine  March 1947.

2. DICK CAVALLI.  1000 Jokes Magazine  November, 1955 – January 1956.

3. VIRGIL PARTCH.  Collier’s  November 10, 1945.


1. DICK CAVALLI. American Legion Magazine  July, 1954.

2. KATE OSANN.  Collier’s  October 14, 1950.

3. MORT WALKER. The Saturday Evening Post  November 29, 1949.


1. TOM HUDSON. American Legion Magazine  September, 1953.

2. HENRY BOLTINOFF.  1000 Jokes Magazine Winter, 1952.

3. CHARLES ADDAMS. True Magazine  October, 1945.


1. MARTHA BLANCHARD.  The Saturday Evening Post  May 30, 1953.

2. SYD HOFF.  True Magazine  June, 1952.

3. W. A. VANESLOW. 1000 Jokes Magazine  Fall, 1949.


1. BOB BARNES.  American Legion Magazine  March, 1948.

2. RONALD LINDQUIST.  The Saturday Evening Post  May 30, 1953.

3. DON TOBIN. The Saturday Evening Post  June 24, 1950.

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