Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Ward Kimball's "Model Railroading Unlimited"

 Here's a 1978 short with the talents of Ward Kimball (one of Disney's Nine Old Men) and Hans Conried: "Model Railroading Unlimited." 


Thanks to Adrian Sinnott for this!

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DBenson said...

Interesting mix of student-type foolery and excellent photography and editing. Maybe Kimball's whole contribution was that opening cameo, but in mood and humor it seems to be inspired by Kimball's "It's Tough to Be a Bird" and "Dad, Can I Borrow the Car". Those were two-reel mock documentaries, mixing live action and animation (especially a sort of Terry Gilliam style for fast blackout gags).

Plus a nod to his historic "Man in Space" Disneyland episodes, with their dramatic shots of determined men at control panels.