Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum Virtual Symposium: Global Comics and the Rise of Modern Manga


Via The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum:

Register now for the March 30th virtual symposium Global Comics and the Rise of Modern Manga! Link here.

Where does manga come from? What role did U.S. comics play in shaping modern manga? How did manga become a dominant force in global comics in recent decades?

Join The Institute for Japanese Studies, University Libraries Area Studies and the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum on Zoom as we explore these questions and more. The discussions will be moderated by Dr. Jared Gardner, Professor of English and Director of the Humanities Collaboratory at The Ohio State University and Dr. Kinko Ito, Professor of Sociology at University of Arkansas Little Rock. Exploring the development of manga in the twentieth century, three international experts in popular culture and comics studies (Ron Stewart, Eike Exner, and Shige “CJ” Suzuki) will contest current narratives that treat manga as exotic or disconnected from its American and European counterparts.

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