Wednesday, June 08, 2022

The Garden As of Early June 2022


Here's the raised beds of the garden with most all of the planting done. It's June, so everything is growing fast and the whole world is green. 

My rickety structure here is constructed so that the runner beans (the big leafy plants in the middle) have something to climb. Scattered in the bed below there are baby zinnias. That birdhouse-looking thing is actually a mason bee house. But so far, no mason bees have found it. I did buy a small group of mason bees and a queen and placed them in the box. But before they could emerge from their cocoons, they were quickly eaten by a bird.

The new smaller, deeper box has carrot and cucumbers that are just now germinating under the peat moss.

Eight tomatoes -- five different kinds. Hopefully, all will be happy and productive. They are all growing like crazy.

Only a half dozen peppers are in the above box. I have some squash I need to transfer into the other side.

Zucchini and yellow squash. 

And now, a parade of common and exotic flowers ....

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