Friday, October 21, 2022

Video: The Joe Giella 1998 Shoot Interview by David Armstrong

Great to see this 1998 interview with my Berndt Toast Gang friend. Gold and Silver Age Batman comic book artist and Mary Worth illustrator Joe Giella is interviewed about his career by David Armstrong. Go to Comic Book Historians to see more interviews with Golden and Silver Age Comic Book artists. 

"David Armstrong interviewed Golden and Silver Age great, Joe Giella in 1998 on set in Long Island, New York, about his entry into comic books in the 1940s with Quality Comics, Timely and DC Comics, working besides other comic book greats Mike Sekowsky, Stan Lee, Carmine Infantino, Dan and Sy Barry, inking Batman under Bob Kane, the Comics Code, his science fiction comic books, favorite editors, his opinion of Mort Weisinger, and working on modern licensing work and comic strips. 

"Interview conducted, recorded and copyrighted to David Armstrong. Remastered, edited and postproduction by Alex Grand."

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