Tuesday, September 12, 2023


Here is a selection from the paperback FATHER DEAR FATHER (copyright Abbey Books, 1958), a series of Catholic cartoons by Frank Evers. Frank was a comic book artist, an illustrator and gag cartoonist before he got a regular gig as the New York Daily News' editorial cartoonist. After retiring from the News, he was President of the National Cartoonists Society from 1985-87.

These cartoons are, obviously, from a more innocent time. The continuing characters were the Father, of course, and a choir boy named Jimmy Coogan. These were all drawn with a razor quick line. I have no idea where these first appeared.

Frank Evers' bio:

Hat tip to Don Orehek for passing this book along to me.


-- Edited from an original blog entry of June 17, 2011.

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DBenson said...

Perhaps the cartoons in this (and in the other Abbey Books titles in the ad) were never syndicated to regular newspapers. They may have been offered for use in parish bulletins, or created expressly as books for sale in religious bookshops. Something that could take the place of the secular cartoon books one used to find everywhere.

I remember when there were mainstream gag panels about monks, but don't recall nuns or priests except as occasional secondary characters.