Monday, August 31, 2009

1971 STAR TREK Student Film

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Brian Fies said...

I know you posted this just for me.

That was pretty bad, even for the era. Worst Kirk ever, but I thought Spock grew into to his role. I liked the twist of the crew (spoiler alert!) luckily beaming into a 20th century TV studio. With a calendar on the wall.

Very disappointed not to see an AMC model Enterprise like the one I had hanging from my ceiling a couple of years after this was made.

Hot yeoman. She'd be what, about 60 right now?

This movie was made while Star Trek was actually still on the air--the first time. That makes it a little more interesting as an artifact.

How amazing that we have the technology to watch such a fun speck of ephemera 38 years later. Makes me wish someone would put up the Super-8 student film I helped make in junior high school and haven't seen since. Now THAT was cinema!