Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Garden as of Mid-August

Here is the garden (both vegetable and flower gardens) as of now.

The driveway and, that nice orange fellow to the left is a stray cat that has been living in the woods. Yes, we are going to trap him next week. Yes, we are looking for a home for him. Except, I think, I may have fallen for him myself.

Mostly strawberries, but the back has been cleared and there are some recently planted turnips and lettuce.

Here there are peas, zucchini, cucumber(unseen, behind the zucchini), and, to the left, just starting to poke its little leafy green heads out of the soil, kale

Oh, heck, I can't remember. Lots of things here. Yellow squash, 2 kinds of lettuce (getting old now and getting too bitter), and sunflowers

These are actually 2 boxes. In the front: runner beans, whose blooms draw many hummingbirds. In the back, there are tomato plants. A lot of sunflowers just came up this year and if they weren't in the way, they stayed.

The flower garden, the BIG 2009 project, is going well. Getting nice and shaggy.

And here are 2 cords of stovewood, waiting for me to stack, stack, stack.

More photos here.


Brian Fies said...

Your beautiful garden puts me in the mood to compose a celebratory haiku:

New Hampshire garden.

I am two kinds of lettuce:

Too old and bitter.

Anonymous said...

The solution to shrinking markets for cartoons: living off the land!

Jeff P.

John Sheppard said...

All that wood ... getting ready for the winter. I don't know if I could do "cold" again.

Mike Lynch said...

Brian, I am in awe of your haiku ability.

Jeff, that's the plan. whatever I can't eat off the land, I'll draw on.

Mr. Sheppard, I love the cold. Cold preserves, baby!

Benita said...

Beautiful! Please work those fabulous sunflowers into a cartoon!

Maddy said...

I should get out into my garden, however I think I'll nip along to that librarian link you had on Twitter first.

Misty said...

Your gardens look nice. Stacking wood, not so nice :).