Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Al Capp Revival

Jon Mooers works on a giant LI'L ABNER mural, which was installed in Amesbury, MA on May 16, 2010. Photo by Wendy Maeda, Boston Globe Staff.

Al Capp, who passed away three decades ago, is due for a revival.

First, LI'L ABNER is getting its hardcover treatment from the Library of American Comics with last month's release of Volume One of THE COMPLETE LI'L ABNER.

Second, his adopted town of Amesbury, MA held its "First Festival," wherein a giant LI'L ABNER comic strip was unveiled, according to James Sullivan in Sunday's Boston Globe.

" ... [A]rtist Jon Mooers will unveil a four-piece painting celebrating the lives of Capp and his fictional creations — the brawny rube Li’l Abner, voluptuous Daisy Mae, and the ferocious, pipe-smoking matriarch Mammy Yokum. The paintings — each measuring 4 feet by 8 feet — will be installed in a prominent public space downtown, where they will look like a giant comic strip."

Third, Filmmaker Caitlin Manning, one of Capp's granddaughters has produced a 90 minute documentary about her "Gumpy," to be shown on the PBS series America Masters later this year.

And there is also a push for an Al Capp museum.

Big hat tip to Brian Codagnone!

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