Friday, May 21, 2010

Ed Koren Profile and Gallery Shows

New Yorker cartoonist Ed Koren is profiled in the New York Times. He has a gallery show at alma mater Columbia.

Ken Johnson, writing for the Times, notes that it's
" ... worth visiting this show just to see the full-scale ink drawings on fine, heavyweight paper that are reduced to gray, postcard-size images in The New Yorker, in which his work has appeared since 1962."
Koren, who lives in Vermont now, draws his originals really, really big. I remember seeing these rather large boxes, a couple of feet wide on either side, postmaked from Vermont, in The New Yorker offices. The return address was Ed Koren. Inside: his HUGE originals.

The “Edward Koren: The Capricious Line” show is through June 12 at the Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University

He also has another show in Chelsea titled “Edward Koren: Parallel Play, Drawings 1979-2010” through June 2 at the Luise Ross Gallery.

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richardcthompson said...

Koren's just wonderful. Back when, I tried drawing like him with the staticky line and those great textures, and it was worth learning but only Koren can do it. And yeah, the first time I saw one of his originals I was floored at how big they are. He must work at a distance from the page, like a painter with an easel.

And I've heard he's a wonderful guy, too.