Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Mike Lynch Draws Award Winning Comic Strip SKIN HORSE

(Above: the published version of the first panel of Monday's SKIN HORSE, written by Jeffrey C. Wells, colored by Pancha Diaz and drawn by me, Mike Lynch.)

Yeah, well, if you are a fan of the comic strip SKIN HORSE, then you may already know all this.

SKIN HORSE was looking for some people to draw it for a while.

(My sketches of some of the characters.)

So … some background: what is this comic strip and what do I have to do with it?

Project Skin Horse is a black ops kinda group that helps "nonhuman sapients" (usually that means monsters, aliens and other oddballs) acclimate to life here on this planet.  
Wikipedia adds that it's from a reference to THE VELVETEEN RABBIT:
"'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse, 'It's a thing that happens to you ... Then you become Real.'"

The award winning web comic SKIN HORSE, created by Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells and colored by Pancha Diaz, has been going strong since the Jurassic age of the web: since 2001.

A lot of changes can happen in 13 years.

Well, duh.

(Above: my abandoned first draft drawing of the first comic strip. You can compare it to the published version here. Why did I abandon it? The last 3 panels are way too claustrophobic.)

When I got an email from Shaenon's husband, Andrew Farago, asking other cartoonists to take over the art chores for a time while Shaenon took maternity leave, I said I would be happy to.

So, for 2 weeks, I'll be drawing SKIN HORSE.

Shaenon gave birth on Sunday morning, July 6, 2014 to a seven pound, 4 ounces healthy baby boy. Name to be determined!

And this summer, there will be some other people drawing the strip (I'm not the only substitute.) while the Garrity-Farago family gets time to themselves.

What a lovely first birthday present, huh?

My sincere thanks to Mssrs. Wells and Diaz for their kind assistance in answering all my questions. 

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Shaenon Garrity said...

Thanks so much for stepping up, Mike. I love your guest strips. Somehow your art gives the strip a very Daniel Pinkwater feel.