Monday, March 28, 2016

Mike Lynch Cartoon in April 2016 FUNNY TIMES

The funny thing about THE FUNNY TIMES, the Cleveland-based mag of cartoons and humor, is that they have achieved a record without knowing it. It's not a big, flashy record, but my own personal one: this is the oldest cartoon that I have had published.

I got the news a couple days ago. I knew I had the cartoon in this April 2016 issue because I got the check before I received my copy of FUNNY TIMES in the mail. (Thanks for that, FT Editor Ray Lesser!) In the notes portion of that check there was typed the word "April." The only thing I didn't know was what cartoon they had bought.

Well, a couple of days later, I look in to the mailbox and there is the April issue. So, I page through it and I don't see it. So I page through it again. Still don't see it. Maybe they made a mistake? Maybe they accidentally sent me a check and I will have to return their money? No. That doesn't happen with them. So, I paged S L O W E R and BAM! I suddenly saw it. Third time's the charm. It's a cartoon of mine that I originally submitted in 2000, and it's finally seeing the light of print sixteen years later.

Here's my cartoon from 2000 that was published in 2016:

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Gerry said...

Congrats! Better late than never!