Thursday, June 21, 2018

NYC Society of Illustrators: Funny Ladies at The New Yorker: Cartoonists Then and Now

Above cartoon by Nurit Karlin.

NYC: Liza Donnelly curates Funny Ladies at The New Yorker: Cartoonists Then and Now, a new gallery show of female New Yorker magazine cartoonists at the Society of Illustrators, July 24, 2018 to October 13, 2018. There will be a panel discussion and reception on July 26th.

In art, when the standards for what is considered  "good"  are broadened to include more approaches, it leads to more diversity of thought and more creativity. That’s what happened under Lee Lorenz and Harold Ross’ editorship. In addition, the increase of women cartoonists under their editorships happened during times of positive cultural change in attitudes towards women. This is happening now. As the result of an effort led by senior editor David Remnick and newly hired cartoon editor, Emma Allen, The New Yorker now has a greater percentage of women cartoonists than ever.
This exhibition is a commemoration of some of the women who drew cartoons for The New Yorker past and present. It's a celebration of their creativity and fortitude as they pushed past cultural stereotypes to create humor and offer the world laughter from all points of view.
-Liza Donnelly, Curator, "Funny Ladies at The New Yorker: Cartoonists Then and Now"

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