Friday, August 02, 2019

Cartoon Illustrations from Woman's Day, July 1951

Here are some great illustrations for stories and ads from the July 1951 Woman's Day magazine. It's copyright 1951 by Woman's Day, Inc. in New York City. It cost 20 cents and, oddly, you could not subscribe to it.

When it comes to midcentury cartoonist/illustrators, one of my favorites is Roy Doty:

There are a good number of cartoon illustrations that are uncredited. Here's some great art, but no signature or attribution:

Indulge me here while I read about the new "What's My Line" TV quiz show. 

Some illustrations by Richard Scarry:

The great gag cartoonist Sam Cobean:

Cartoon drawings were usual for a lot of ads. I would guess this one is by Roy Doty, but I'm not sure. 

New Yorker cartoonist Mary Gibson draws for Drano:

More Richard Scarry:

More art with no name attached. Most were done by a staff illustrator at the ad agency:

More great Roy Doty spots:

More anonymous cartoon art. I enjoyed this ad, especially the women's clothing and hairstyles! Talk about high maintenance!

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