Monday, August 12, 2019

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Recent Gag Cartoon Additions 1950 - 1970

Dick Buchanan shares his clipping technique and some recent old gag cartoon additions to his Cartoon Clip File, which he is graciously sharing. This is the best way to start a week. Thanks so much, Dick!



Each week more cartoons and clipped from the great magazines of the past. Some cartoons are the single column variety, others are full page cartoons.  Most are the standard two column variety.  As detailed in the marvelous blog A Case for Scissors, here’s how it works.  Cartoons are neatly removed from a vintage magazine.  Cartoons were cut from the magazine and kept in a simple manila folder.  Originally, long ago, scissors were used. Today a Wescott metal ruler and a Gem single edge razor blade are used to neatly remove the cartoon which is annotated with Uniball Vision Elite pen. Also kept on hand is a package of Johnson & Johnson band aids. Once clipped it is scanned and the original hard copy filed alphabetically by cartoonist. Today the Cartoon Clip File contains thousands of gag cartoons by more than 450 cartoonists. Here is a selection of some of the recent additions to the Clip File . . .

1. MORT GERBERG. True Magazine February, 1970.

2. W.F. BROWN. The Saturday Evening Post April 27, 1957.

3. ED NOFZIGER. American Magazine February, 1951.

4. CHARLES RODRIGUES. Cartoons & Gags February, 1962

5. VAHAN SHIRVANIAN. The Saturday Evening Post April 27, 1957.

6. LARRY FRICK. American Magazine September, 1950.

7. FRANK MODELL. Look Magazine February 10, 1970.

8. DICK CAVALLI. American Magazine February, 1950.

9. JERRY MARCUS. The Saturday Evening Post October 1, 1960.

10. ELI STEIN. 1000 Jokes Magazine December, 1959-February, 1960.

11. VINCENT FALETTI. American Magazine September, 1950.

12. DON TOBIN. Collier’s April 22, 1950.

13. MORT WALKER. American Magazine August, 1950.

14. STAN HUNT. Look Magazine January 21, 1958.

15. HAROLD CURRIER. The Saturday Evening Post April 17, 1954.  

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