Monday, March 30, 2020

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Random Favorite Gag Cartoons 1932 - 1961

We are starting off this week withe (what else) a collection of musty, old gag cartoons from magazines long gone. Dick Buchanan has bravely gone into his massive files and unearthed sixteen of his favorite single panel cartoons for our edification and amusement. Thanks so much, and take it away, Dick!


(1932 – 1961)

No one practices social isolation better than your old crackpot Cartoon Clip File curator. So, rest assured, it is business as usual at Cartoon Clip File Headquarters, located somewhere in New York’s scenic Greenwich Village. Our motto is “We doze but we never close.”

So, here is a collection of gag cartoons from the era of the great magazines, created by some of the best cartoonists of their time.

1. AL JOHNS. Some good advice from Al Johns, cartoonist and sage. The Saturday Evening Post April 16, 1960.

2. CHON DAY. Collier’s November 26, 1932.

3. DAVID PASCAL. Collier’s March 4, 1955.

4. JOE ZEIS. The Saturday Evening Post June 15, 1957.

5. JEFF KEATE. For Laughing Out Loud January – March, 1959.

6. LEW FOLLETTE. The Saturday Evening Post November 29, 1949.

7. MARTHA BLANCHARD. Look Magazine February 14, 1961.

8. DICK CAVALLI. This Week Magazine April 13, 1957.

9. VIRP. Even Virgil Partch’s signature is amusing. Collier’s May 24, 1947.

10. BILL YATES. The Saturday Evening Post December 21, 1957.

11. JACK TIPPIT. The Saturday Evening Post March 16, 1947.

12. JOHN GALLAGHER. The Saturday Evening Post August 8, 1953.

13. RAY HELLE. The Saturday Evening Post May 28, 1949.

14. JOHN RUGE. Look Magazine June 9, 1959.

15. HANK KETCHAM. 1000 Jokes Magazine Fall, 1952.

16. IRWIN CAPLAN. The Saturday Evening Post June 12, 1949.

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