Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mike Lynch Cartoons at Cartoon Collections


I'm glad to announce that I am one of the cartoonists featured over at CartoonCollections. Bob Mankoff runs the site and it sells gag cartoons for business presentations, publications, you name it.


I've been uploading a bunch of my cartoons to the site, which does business here and in Europe. Clients can search by cartoonist or keyword topic. It's easy to use. 

Of course, you can always contact a cartoonist directly for your cartoon needs. 

Oh, that is, when we're not remodeling the house.

Which reminds me ....

I got an email from cartoonist/cartoon critic Phil Witte yesterday:

"We included one of your fine cartoons in our latest post of Anatomy of a Cartoon, our feature on Bob Mankoff's site, Cartoon Collections."

That's nice. Phil and Rex Hesner have looked through "pandemic remodeling"cartoons, and written this "Cartoon critics Phil Witte and Rex Hesner Look at Pandemic Remodeling" feature for the CartoonCollections site. I'm in fine company, with fellow cartoonists Gahan Wilson, Frank Cotham, Phil Witte himself, Trevor Spaulding, Shannon Wheeler, Aaron Bacall, Bruce Erik Kaplan, Sam Gross, Alex Gregory and Mort Gerberg. Go look

"We're in the tub together. But not like it used to be."


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BobbyG said...

Very cool..congrats!