Monday, November 16, 2020

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Winter and Holiday Gag Cartoons 1943 - 1964

Dick Buchanan has delved into the great gag cartoon clip file that he has in his Greenwich Village apartment. I picture him jumping into a large pile of clipped cartoons like a kid jumping into a heap of fall leaves. Anyway, he had retrieved some cold weather favorite single panel cartoons, and asked ig he could share them with everyone. Of course the answer is yes and THANKS! Now, take it away, Dick!


1943 – 1964

It is time once more to dip into the seemingly bottomless Cartoon Clip File. (By the way, the Clip File is not bottomless, it’s side-less.) We have searched for seasonal gag cartoons drawn by the top cartoonists of the mid-century era and we have found a few to share, so, through sleet, snow, and pestilence, from Thanksgiving and beyond, here are some “blasts from the past” . . . .

1. GEORGE WOLFE. Collier’s November 24, 1951.


2. CHARLES SHARMAN. American Magazine December, 1952.

3. VAHAN SHIRVANIAN. Look Magazine February 13, 1962.

4. PHIL INTERALNDI. The Saturday Evening Post January 10, 1953.


5. TED KEY. Collier’s December 29, 1951.

6. FRANK BEAVEN. Collier’s December 25, 1943.


7. STAN FINE. Collier’s March 11, 1950.

8. LEONARD DOVE. Look Magazine December 29, 1964.

9. DICK CAVALLI. The Saturday Evening Post December 24, 1949.


10. BOB BARNES. American Legion Magazine.

11. BOB SHROETER. American Magazine December, 1953.


12. CHON DAY. Look Magazine December 31, 1962.

13. TOM HENDERSON. The Saturday Evening Post November 6, 1954.

14. DONALD REILLEY. The Saturday Evening Post December 22-29, 1962.


15. LARRY HARRIS. American Magazine February, 1950.

16. DICK SHAW. True Magazine February, 1950.

17. DAN KILGO. American Legion Magazine. December, 1946.

18. ROBERT DAY. This Week Magazine December 19, 1954.

19. RAY HELLE. The Saturday Evening. December 24, 1949.

20. KENNETH MAHOOD. Punch Almanack for 1959 November 3, 1958.


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Nice set of cartoons for the holidays from the past!