Monday, November 02, 2020

Matt Bors Political Cartoon Suppressed

Political cartoonist Matt Bors' cartoon was not published in any of his print outlets, and digital media platforms would not publish the last couple of panels. 

Here's Matt from The Daily Cartoonist:

"Every outlet that runs my work* declined to publish my most recent comic, which is probably not surprising given the content, but it’s the first time that’s ever happened to me across the board. (*Every outlet except the one I edit, of course.)"

Here's the first of the six panels. The entire cartoon can be seen at The Nib, which is the outlet Matt edits. 


Of course, once you've seen the cartoon, you may recall what happened to Kathy Griffin, and that's the territory we're in. Violence in a moving picture (live action or cartoon) happens fast, but with a still picture, your eyes can linger.

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