Wednesday, September 02, 2009

KILLJOY by Steve Ditko

I wanted to share a couple of back-up stories form some old E-MAN comics books, specifically KILLJOY by Steve Ditko.

E-MAN, created by Nick Cuti and Joe Staton, ran for 10 issues in the 1970s. The E-MAN stories didn't fill an entire issue, so there were a series of back up features by some great comic book artists: Ditko, Wood, Byrne.

Sometimes the back-up story would be a one-shot. KILLJOY, a mysterious, silent superhero, ran for 2 issues. So, I pulled out my old E-MAN comics that I bought as a kid in the 7-11 in Lawrence, KS -- and then, after doing a Web search -- discovered that the Diversions of a Groovy Kind blog beat me to scanning in those 2 stories by almost a year.

Not to make a pun that Diversions killed my joy -- I'm happy to not scan and point out some good, forgotten comics.

And don't forget that Craig Yoe's book on Ditko is coming soon!

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