Sunday, September 13, 2009

Video: STAR TREK II: Composer James Horner

I'm actually having a hard time watching anything on YouTube due to, probably, nothing being on TV and every living soul watching cute kitties or rock videos online.

So, my point being that I haven't had a chance to watch the entire video as yet. I do know that Horner was, back then, a busy composer, churning out a handful of TV and movie scores before STII (Roger Corman's BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, a 1980 low budget riff on STAR WARS was among them). He was young and, I presume, cheap (at least cheaper than Jerry Goldsmith). The budget for STII was lower than its predecessor, The Motion Picture.

I still say Khan's motif owes more than a nod from Prokofiev's to ALEXANDER NEVSKY score; specifically the "Battle on the Ice" sequence (listen to it here beginning at 1:55).

Regardless, some really interesting comments about how the music was approached, and how that music imparts that extra layer of meaning and emotion.

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