Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Laconia and Bridgton Antique Shop Graphics, December 6 - 7, 2013

Let's take a look at some great bygone graphics from here and there that I saw during the weekend. I try to remember to take a camera with me when I'm poking around an old antique shop. I find these inspirational. These were taken this weekend in Bridgton, Maine and Laconia, New Hampshire.

I don't know what this is, but it was going for $75:

Talk about your specialized kitchen products!

Some vintage puzzles:

I love the name ("Pertinent Magazine") and I wish I could remember who the dish in the big hat is. I knew at the time but have forgotten. If the photo was better I could tell you.

This is an "Old Pal" minnow bucket. Love the name.

This is a vintage poster and I have no idea what it means but I liked the way the thing looked:

Very creepy "Dollikin" doll, "the doll miracle of flexibility -- every position of the human figure!"

These two people look pretty darned happy with trusting the magic 8 ball with their decisions:

When it comes to 1950s-60s board games, the box is so appealing. This is the box top for a Bingo game that has been flattened and framed:

Saw this contemporary puzzle and plotzed. Such terrific art:

BONANZA was a hugely popular show. Here's a 1960s record album of the stars of the show: "they sing, they play - banjo, fiddle, guitar!" Yeah. It's the cast in a recording studio (see photos) picking and strumming their way through a record.


lsefton said...

The first item is a gambling punch board. Each one of the holes would be filled with a slip of paper. The customer would pay to punch through a number of holes, and if one had a winning number, they'd win a cash prize.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks, lselfton, for letting me know what that was. There were a lot of these and they were all quite terrific looking.

vwstieber said...

The 'Braque Graveur' poster can be found in the MOMA collection, with links to the artist, Georges Braque. It reminds me of Matisse's paper cutouts by way of Dali & Picasso.


I got curious about the Pertinent dish, and found out the mag is from Australia. That's a long way to travel!