Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mike Lynch Cartoon in December 17, 2013 Wall Street Journal

A cartoon of mine is in today's Wall Street Journal.

This is one of those "I painted myself into a corner" cartoons. I mean, I drew a picture of Santa sitting at a board room table. I stopped, and thought I would then draw some elves around it next. But, no. That's not too interesting.

Then, I drew more Santas around the table. Santa, Santa, Santa. And I just stopped and looked at it, trying to figure my way out of the drawing.

Sometimes you just sketch something and then try and come up with a gag. Sometimes this works for me and sometimes it does not.

So: what is Santa? Santa is management. He's the boss. And you can't have a room full of bosses. No way. Not in a properly run business. You need those elves!

So, it dawned on me that the problem with the situation was that it was, in a real world sense, way too top heavy with management.

Here's the version I originally drew. The one that WSJ saw for its OK:

I had to redraw it. WSJ does not have a horizontal format.

Confession: I forgot that. I did a redraw in a square style and was told that that was wrong. So I did another redraw. Let that be a lesson: pay attention to your editor when they tell you the format. D'oh!

Going backward in time, here's the first sketch from a sketchbook. The for-my-eyes-only sketch. You can see how quickly it's done: 3 Santa heads and an oval to represent the table.

My thanks to Randy Glasbergen for letting me know that my cartoon was in WSJ this morning! Thanks, Randy!


John Platt said...

Good one!

Brian Fies said...

I always enjoy your process posts. Good gag!