Friday, October 10, 2014

Cartoonist Photos Part 10

Here are some photos of cartoonists, so you can put the face with the inky line. I tend to come across a lot of relatively unseen photos of cartoonists of all ilks (magazine gag cartoonists, comic book artists, newspaper comic strip cartoonist, editorial cartoonists, web cartoonists, etc.).

These are in no particular order. Links to the previous entries are below.

Magazine gag cartoonist Betty Swords 1976

Bill Mauldin 1962

Bill Mauldin 1978

"Ding" Darling 1965

Jim Unger 1979

Tom Batiuk

Bill Hoest: two photos of Bill in his Long Island studio, 1978.

John Reiner still uses that "traveling easel" set up today when drawing THE LOCKHORNS.

Bill Plympton

Jeff MacNelly 1973
Jimmy Hatlo with wife Eleanor, 1942

Charles Schulz 1966

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